Tony in Colorado

In 2024, Tony Kieraldo launched Tree Hoodies, merging his artistic career with a passion for environmental conservation. Renowned as an international recording artist, pianist, and composer, Tony's lifelong connection with nature profoundly influences his creative journey.

From his early musical endeavors with his jazz trio Treeonik to his latest album "Hudson Ragtime Piano Suite," Tony's bond with trees shapes his artistic expression. This deep-rooted connection serves as the inspiration behind Tree Hoodies, where Tony merges his passion for art and nature.

Driven by a desire to combine his artistic expression with environmental stewardship, Tony founded Tree Hoodies to offer eco-conscious, print-on-demand hoodies featuring nature-inspired designs. Through Tree Hoodies, Tony aims to celebrate the beauty of trees while promoting sustainable fashion practices. Follow Tony's journey and discover his whimsical ragtime videos online!